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Thermal Imaging

At Fairview Home Inspections, we make use of our FLIR E6 Thermal Imaging Infrared Cameras to detect potential problems the naked eye can’t see. Thermal imaging can be used to uncover issues like plumbing leaks and water damage, defective electrical equipment, and poor insulation that can cost you a lot in utility bills, among other things. By adding this useful tool to our arsenal, Fairview Home Inspections can give you a more thorough investigation of the state of your property.

Drone Inspections

Fairview Home Inspections offers drone inspections for our clients. Our inspectors can use our drones to check out your roof, chimneys, solar panels, gutters and more, without risk of a fall injury. Drones allow us to quickly and safely assess more difficult to reach parts of your home. Our drone services come at no additional charge. The drone provides high-definition photography that allows our inspectors to give you an accurate assessment of the property in a fraction of the time. Overall, the integration of drones into our inspections allows us to provide a more thorough assessment of your property.

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Home Inspections

A home inspection is crucial to the home-buying process. Our inspection covers hundreds of points for complete coverage.

Commercial Inspections

Make sure your commercial facility is safety compliant. We cover a wide array of inspection parameters for total coverage.

Total Inspection Coverage for All of Your Needs

Our inspectors are licensed to operate in the New York/New Jersey Area. Our areas of service include Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and New Jersey. We offer thorough inspections for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. We use modern technology and techniques, including thermal imaging and drones, to get a more complete idea of what’s going on with your property.

Property inspections go well beyond just buying and selling. Inspections can help ensure the safety of your family, workers, or customers. By working with a trusted member of the Fairview Home Inspection team, you can rest assured that your property will receive a proper inspection that will inform you of any problem areas that may need to be addressed. Our staff also has experience in home appraisals. Additionally, we will work with you to identify avenues to remedy potential issues with your property.

Full Suite of Inspection Services

  • Home Inspection

  • Commercial Inspection

  • Roof Inspection

  • Drone Inspection

  • Thermal Imaging

  • Termite Inspection

  • Mold Inspection

  • Air Quality Testing

  • HVAC Inspection

  • Water Pressure