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Real Estate Inspection Services in New York

Before signing the contract, it is vital to have the property inspected. You need a trusted inspector to check the property for any potential problem areas or clear red flags. Overall, a proper inspection can help you have a better understanding of what renovations are needed once you purchase the property. Inspections can also help you avoid properties with illegal additions or renovations from the previous owner.

In New York, real estate sales are generally “as-is.” Unless your inspection reveals major health or safety concerns, it may not change the cost price. While inspections can open up the price to negotiation, that is not usually the case in this state. Your realtor can help you navigate this part of the process.

We offer inspections for residential, commercial, industrial, and rental properties in New York.

Home Inspection Services

Home inspections are commonly part of the property buying process in New York. When buying a townhouse or free-standing home, it is important to receive a proper inspection from a trusted appraiser. There are many aspects of the home that will need to be factored in by the inspector. Inspecting the roof, HVAC system, foundation, boilers, electrical system, and plumbing are all commonplace in a home evaluation. A proper inspection can help you make sure that the home you are purchasing is in a condition that is in line with the price point.

Commercial Inspection Services

Commercial inspections are critical to making a great investment. A commercial property inspection can provide you with a thorough assessment of the property. Property inspections for commercial properties can help you minimize risk and make the most out of your investment. Our inspection services are recommended for buyers, sellers, property managers, leasers, renters, and more. Overall, a commercial property inspection can help you more appropriately understand the state of the property you are investing your time and money into.

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Real Estate Appraisals

We offer full-service real estate appraisal services. Our independent, fee-based real estate valuation services are available for both commercial and residential properties in New York. Whether you are buying or selling, our appraisal team can provide you with an accurate evaluation of the property.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

Our Professional Inspectors will provide you the most thorough inspection available. Courteous service is a must, and we will take the time to answer your questions and walk you through the process, so you come out comfortably knowing the state of the property. You will receive the full report within 24 hours of the inspection, so there are no delays to slow you down. We offer flexible appointment times, so you can schedule your inspection when it’s most convenient. Call Fairview Home Inspections today to book your appointment.